Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who?
GuvHub is brought to you by the firm pjmathison, which has unique strengths in government affairs, management, and innovation.

2. What?
GuvHub is a software platform and a website, a blend of matching, billing, and other functionality. It bridges a large market of fragmented supply and untapped demand by connecting available government affairs consultants to government users in real-time.

3. Where?
In the U.S. there are about 90,000 political jurisdictions (federal, state, county, municipal, authority, school district, etc.). GuvHub conceivably can be used in all these locales, and beyond. pjmathison is based in Pennsylvania, birthplace of American democracy v1.0.

4. When?
GuvHub will be rolled out in phases, starting with basic functionality then moving to more advanced features e.g. consultant reviews, reporting capabilities, demand-based pricing, and concierge service. This website represents an early "alpha" phase.

5. Why?
GuvHub helps government affairs consultants - including lobbyists and myriad related professionals - augment their current staff and assist new clients, profitably. It helps first-time and existing government users get this assistance quicker and at a more affordable price-point. Guvhub also can help government bodies operate more cost-effectively. Top-line GuvHub revenue estimates are big.

6. Risks?
Yes. GuvHub has risks...As does everything. For Clients, risks include time and money. For Consultants (Hubbers), risks include time, money, and reputation. The point is, GuvHub offers both parties benefits previously unavailable - and inconceivable - at such a price-point or cost.

Billing / Payment

7. How does billing & payment work - from the Client's perspective?
Once you post a request, you see fee/hourly rates for the Hubbers who are most qualified for your job. You review Hubbers' profiles, communicate with them if desired, then choose which if any Hubber to hire. You enter your contact and credit card information. A minimum fee-payment or payment of one hour is required per job. The entire payment process (including reimbursable costs, if any) is handled online after a job is complete. You may cancel, with notice.

8. How does billing & payment work - from the Consultant's (Hubber's) perspective?
Hubbers first apply online, set up a profile, and get verified. If/when a Hubber is selected for a job, the Hubber may choose to accept or decline it. GuvHub takes a service fee on each job completed to provide Member Services and general support. Hubbers initially may choose to waive all or a portion of their payment to more quickly build their reputation.

Terms of use, privacy, and other important information will be provided as GuvHub is rolled out.