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How GuvHub Works

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Billing / Payment

Hubbers bill clients on a fixed-fee or hourly basis (one hour minimum). GuvHub takes a sliding fee. Clients use their credit card to pay Hubbers. (More)

Benefits: Clients and Consultants (Hubbers) both benefit from GuvHub



  • Targeted assistance
  • Lower costs
  • No long-term contracts
  • Try-out new talent



  • More autonomy
  • Supplement income
  • Flexibility tailored to your schedule
  • Explore new markets

Assistance Provided (Samples)

  • Bill analysis
  • Attend a meeting/hearing, report back
  • Review/edit funding applications
  • Expedite a permit
  • Election or candidate analysis
  • Draft/edit written testimony
  • Lobbying
  • Procurement advice/assistance
  • Constituent-like services
  • Conduct a patent search
  • 3-1-1-like non-emergency assistance
  • Host a visitor to a gov't complex
  • Pursue a public records / FOIA request
  • Run an errand in a center of gov't
  • Gov't relations staff augmentation
  • Peer-to-peer assistance between gov'ts
  • Explain how a bill becomes law